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Our company has been trading high-quality wood pellets, lumber and premium pine wood shavings for several years.

We sell around 4,000-6,000 tons of wood pellets every year.

Our partners include many hotels, public institutions, schools, offices and factories.

We continuously serve these partners with high-quality heating pellets.

We pack in small bags, 15 kg/bag and deliver on pallets in 1005 kg, 1050 kg or 1080 kg or large bags, 800 kg, 1000 kg, 1100 kg, 1200 kg or 1390 kg/bag.

We have many partners who buy pellets for poultry as litter (bedding).

We have many years of experience and references in the litter pellet sector.

Poultry growing on wood pellets has many advantages over traditional bedding.

- Very few leg and breast ulcers

- There is little ammonia formation in the poultry house

- Greater weight gain

- Less disease

- Fewer human resources are required

- Pure pine, no foreign matter, no risk of infection

- Extreme absorbency

- The air quality in the cage improves

- Recommended amount 1.5-3.0 kg / m2

For pellet litter:

- short pellets (usually 1-2 cm)

- heat treated

- pure pine

Heating pellets in a large bag:

- standard length (20-40 mm)

- 6 mm in diameter

- pure pine

- ash content: 0.7-2.5%

The small bags contain only A1 quality pellets, the ash content of which does not exceed 0.7%, but their ash content is typically 0.4-0.6%.

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